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Great Stories


Stories about people with brain injuries, family, on the videos to play them.


Geoff: a survivor of a traumatic brain injury talks about his injury, the importance of connecting with community resources and other survivors as well as some strategies that he has found useful.


Valerie Reynolds: talks about how her life changed following her traumatic brain injury, how herself and others learned to live with the new “her” and the importance of having contact with other brain injury survivors.


Jon and Rachel: husband and wife talk about getting married following Jon's motor vehicle accident, how they get inspiration and motivation from each other and the importance of never giving up and keeping positive.


Debbie Jubb: a stroke survivor talks about how her family supported her through her recovery, the challenges of aphasia, the different therapies that helped her as well as the positive outcomes of new friendships following her stroke.


Judi Libin: a mother whose son sustained a traumatic brain injury resulting from an assault.  She talks about her son’s injury and recovery and how the family supported him throughout the journey.



Doug Querns: a stroke survivor and former triathlete, talks about learning to ride a trike, the importance of setting short term goals for oneself and the motivation he got from his network of support throughout his recovery.


Bill: talks about his stroke and the stroke recovery branch that he attends.  He explains how important both the staff and the peers that he sees regularly at the branch have been throughout his recovery.


Gay Walker: talks about her experience of having a stroke, loss of speech, and the services that have helped her recover.  Learn about the stroke recovery branches and the importance of peer support.


Dean: talks about his motorcycle accident and the injuries he had, regaining his ability to recognize facial expressions, his social life, and the importance of acceptance and patience.

Jack Plain: stroke survivor, talks about his recovery from the stroke, regaining his speech, learning to write and the impact his injury had on his family.


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