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Driver Rehab Programs


The goal of DRIVER REHAB is to to enable participation in driving as an Activity of Daily Living.  Clients are assisted to resume driving by offering assessments, lessons, compensatory strategies and vehicle modification (if needed).

Best for clients with Stroke (CVA), Brain injury (all ABI), Psychiatric diagnoses, Vision loss, Spinal Cord Injury, Amputees, Neurological disabilities and Multiple Medical Conditions.

Physician referral is required for all Driver Rehab Programs



Access Driver Rehab Specialists

Head Office
3405 W 31st Ave.
Vancouver, BC  V6S 1X6

Clinical Assessments (Vancouver):
908 West King Edward Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2E2

Tel: 604-263-5218
Fax: 604-263-5218
website:  AccessDriverRehab.com

Dianna Robertson, - MScOT, Certified Rehabilitation Driver Specialist (CDRS)

Dean Robertson- BEd, Certified Driving Instructor, Certified Rehabilitation Driver Specialist (CDRS)

  • Comprehensive Driver Assessment: $950.00
  • Low vision driving assessment: $950.00
  • Vehicle Modification Assessment: $600.00
  • Commercial Class License Comprehensive Driver Evaluation: $1350.00
  • Driver Rehabilitation:
    • $130/hr (sedan)
    • $200/hr (high tech van)

Assessment and Rehabilitation are provided across the province.  Able to accommodate widest range of functional impairments, using either lowered floor high tech van (allowing client to drive from wheelchair or driver’s seat) or a modified sedan, both equipped with wide range of driving aides. 

Community Therapists
Service coordinators:

Kathy Gabriel
Tel. 604-681-9293 ext. 215

Flora Yon
Tel. 604-681-9293 ext. 211

  • Vehicle modification evaluation
  • Functional driving evaluation Class 5
  • Functional driving evaluation Class 1-4
  • Off-road remediation: as contracted
  • On-road retraining: as contracted

You can learn more about our services by visiting our website

All of our bookings are done through the Burnaby Head office, so please call 604-681-9293 for booking information at any location.

You can view further information about our various locations here.


GF Strong Rehabilitation
4255 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2G5 
Tel: 604-734-1313 
Fax: 604-737-6359                                                                                                         

Lisa Kristalovich - OT, Graduate Certificate in Assessing Driver Capability
E-mail: Lisa.Kristalovich@vch.ca
Tel. 604-734-1313, ext. 2234


JR Rehab Services Inc.

#102 - 6396 197 Street
Langley, BC  V2Y 2T2
Tel:  604 254 0444

Fax:  604 254 0447
E-mail: info@jrrehab.ca


  • Comprehensive Driver Evaluation (CDE) - call for cost
  • Adults --> age 16+
  • Cognitive-perceptual, vision and physical impairments
  • Clinic and on-road evaluation
  • Driver rehabilitation (clinic remediation, on-road rehabilitation)
  • Evaluations for adaptive equipment and vehicle modifications
  • Wheelchair accessible van available for evaluation and rehabilitation


  • Services offered by OT with Graduate Certificate in Driver Rehabilitation
  • Comprehensive Driver Evaluation (CDE) Class 5/7
  • Vehicle Modifications
  • Driver rehabilitation and remediation services

Holy Family Hospital Driver Rehab.Program
7801 Argyle Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V5P 3L6
Tel: 604-322-2617

  •  Comprehensive Driver Evaluation (CDE) - call for cost
  • Older adults --> 55+
  • Cognitive-perceptual, vision and physical impairments
  • Clinic and on-road evaluation
  • Driver rehabilitation (clinic remediation, on-road rehabilitation)

Insight Rehabilitation Services: Adaptive Driving Program

Lars Taylor, OT, Certified Driver Rehab Specialist (CDRS)
Tel: 1-250-307-2387

  • Class 7/5 Assessment (3-4 hours clinical plus 1 hour on road)
  • Limited vehicle modification (hand control, left foot accel, spinner, knob including easy spin 360 RF)
  • Also offer class 1 (by quote), off highway and rehab/instruction (ie: hand control training) @ $90.00/hr by quotation

Kelowna General Hospital
2268 Pandosy St.
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 1T2
Tel: 250-862-4000

  • Comprehensive Driver Evaluation (CDE) - call for cost
  • Cognitive-perceptual, vision and physical impairments
  • Clinic and on-road evaluation
  • Driver rehabilitation (clinic remediation, on-road rehabilitation)

* no external referrals. Only available to current patients in Neurological Rehabilitation Outpatient Program (NROP)


Larry Bowen Driver Rehab Inc.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 78095
Northside RPO,
Port Coquitlam, BC V53 7H5

Tel: 604-996-4893
Fax: 604-941-4841
email: info@larrybowen.ca

Visit the website or contact for details on services and fees.





Drive Able is best for clients who have dementia, progressive cognitive conditions with memory impairments.  Clients are assessed using in-clinic perceptual and cognitive screens and may require an on road assessment. Rehabilitation and compensatory strategies are not addressed.  Drive Able is not appropriate for individuals with visual and/ or physical impairments.

DriveAble Central Access Line

Tel & Fax: 1-888-475-4666

Clients can contact our central business number to schedule an appointment or have any questions regarding DriveABLE. There are multiple locations in British Columbia.

  • DriveAble - $400.00 + tax ($450)
  • In-clinic cognitive assessment and on-road evaluation





















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