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Prevention Resources

Here are some great websites and organizations that are doing work in the area of prevention:


ICBC news releases focus on road and driving safety


BC Injury, Research and Prevention Unit’s (BCIRPU) mission is to reduce the burden of injury in BC through research, surveillance, education, knowledge transfer and public education. The website serves up facts, stats and resources on a range of topics. The leading causes of injury and death in BC are enlightening. The factsheets are informative and helpful.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide information and resources about concussion/mild traumatic brain injury, recovery and prevention. There are specific resources for physicians and patients, coaches, athletes and parents in high school sports and youth sports and falls prevention for seniors.


ThinkFirst Foundation Canada provides information on such things as snow sports safety tips, helmet selection and fitting tips, concussion information, concussion assessment and return to play guidelines. There are also well developed teaching resources.

Canadian Fall Prevention Educational Collaborative provides tips for fall prevention for those over 65. However, whatever age we are, none of us are immune to falling. The Goverment of Canada also provides excellent tips for fall prevention here.

The Community Against Preventable Injuries (preventable.ca) focus is on changing attitudes and behaviours towards preventable injuries and safety at home, at play, at work and on the road.


Protect your head from BrainTrust Canada Association is an experiential site. Get ready to experience what it may feel like to have a brain injury. Note: The Protect Your Head website is meant for youth 15 and older.


Kids and Teens

safe kids

Safe Kids Canada has a mission to lead and inspire a culture of safety across the country in order to reduce unintentional injuries, the leading cause of death among children and youth in Canada. As a national leader, Safe Kids Canada uses a collaborative and innovative approach to develop partnerships, conduct research, educate and advocate with the goal of preventing serious injuries among children, youth and their families.

Injury Free Karma - The BC Injury Prevention Centre, part of Trauma Services, Vancouver Coastal Health, develops innovative injury prevention programs using best practices, research and social marketing strategies. It is a specialized lifesaving injury prevention program targeting Sport & Recreational users, including mountain bikers, cyclists, skiers, snowboarders, hikers, kayakers & the general public. They promote 4-key survival skills in sport & rec featuring 2 minute video segments with athletes, flash games and wipe out videos. Connect with Injury Free Karma on Twitter and Facebook. The mantra: Injury Free Karma® is 100% possible! One positive action at a time!


heart and stroke

Health & Brain Fitness

Heart and Stroke Foundation provides information on the signs of a stroke, how to control blood pressure, helps you understand cholesterol, helps you achieve a healthy weight and provides healthy living guidelines.

sharp brains logoSharp Brains is a market research and publishing firm tracking brain fitness and cognitive health. Go to the How-To Guide and Teasers (brain games) sections.

Posit Science is a company that researches and markets “brain training software.” Good information in the section “About the Brain.”

posit science

Brain Games

Fit brains

Lumosity logo

Fit Brains provides brain games.

Lumosity provides courses and games to improve attention, memory, processing speed and cognitive flexibility.

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