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Brain Injury In the News

Published 10 September 2013 by Catherine Pearson on The Huffington Post

Americans are living longer than ever, and women tend outlive men: The average life expectancy for females in the United States is now roughly 81, compared to 76 for males, according to recent Centers for Disease...

Published 9 September 2013 by Kiki Von Glinow on The Huffington Post

Your body is comprised of roughly 57 percent water<, so it isn't all that surprising that we're drawn to even larger bodies of the stuff -- the ocean. Though scientists haven't been able to pinpoint the...

Published 3 September 2013 by BBC News on

A "window to the brain" implant which would allow doctors to see through the skull and possibly treat patients has been devised by US researchers.

It uses a see-through version of the same material used for hip implants.

The team at University of California, Riverside,...

Published 30 August 2013 by Paul M. Barrett on

The National Football League’s $765 million concussion settlement< with thousands of former players contains several surprises. Let’s go to the...

Published 28 August 2013 by James Gallagher on BBC News - Health

Miniature "human brains" have been grown in a lab in a feat scientists hope will transform the understanding of neurological disorders.

The pea-sized structures reached the same level of development as in a nine-week-old foetus, but are incapable of thought.

The study,...

Published 19 August 2013 by Robert Lee Hotz on The Wall Street Journal

The latest question for researchers studying the consequences of concussions isn't when student-athletes can safely get back in the game. It's how long to wait before they can return to class.

New research suggests concussion effects may linger weeks after symptoms of dizziness...

Published 13 August 2013 by Lucy Shannon on ABC News

A contemporary art work in Tasmania is telling some rarely heard stories from people with an acquired brain injury.

"It's not a piece of patronising cuddly, disability art."

That's how artistic director Richard Bladel describes the Angels of Our Better Nature art...

Published 10 August 2013 by Zachary A. Goldfarb on The Washington Post

ORLANDO — President Obama on Saturday announced an initiative to help treat veterans with brain injuries and mental-health conditions, as he and first lady Michelle Obama paid tribute to disabled veterans before departing on their summer holiday.

Speaking to the annual conference of...

Published 7 August 2013 by David Giles on CTV News

SASKATOON – Scientists have made progress toward dealing with the aftermath of stroke.

Using the Canadian Light Source located at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and the Synchrotron Radiation Centre in Wisconsin, scientists have uncovered a new method for better...

Published 6 August 2013 by Cassandra Mason on Hawke's Bay today

New research suggesting a link between playing rugby and developing dementia could help Hawke's Bay players deal with the long-term effect of head injuries, a local rugby executive says.

Brain injury specialist Dr Willie Stewart told BBC Radio Scotland on Sunday the brains of head-...

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