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Healing Brain


Encephalitis... how long does it take to recover?

Most people's experience regarding illness and injury is one of temporary incapacity, followed by a gradual return to “normalcy.” When people are seriously ill, they go to a hospital...

Lesley is a professional actor who speaks from her own lived experience of recovering from a concussion and as a meditation instructor. 


I had a hiking accident Oct 15/2011 I fell down a rock face, I had stitches to the laceration on left side of my head, x-rays and CT scan. Results were skull fractures, left rear orbital socket fractured and along left temple and side of head. CT scans revealed bruising of brain and blood...

I'm proud to share that the October 2011 edition of the  Brain Injury Association of Canada's newsletter Impact: Pathways Ahead included an article which I wrote on the topic of encephalitis.




Speakers for...

I had an arachnoid cyst removed from my left frontal lobe two and a half years ago. I had, what I learned at the brain injury conference is called a "rebound" period of time where I felt well for seven months. After that I started having all kinds of symptoms and was convinced that the...

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