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Videos About Concussion

Fraser Health's Concussion Clinic - Lisa's Story

Lisa speaks about the integral role Fraser Health's Concussion Clinic played in her recovery from a series of concussions.

Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference

Sacha Arsenault describes how the Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference serves as an important community and resource hub for the brain injury community.

What is a brain injury?

This archival animated video describes the brain functions and how the brain is affected by a brain injury. It uses the analogy of a company system to describe how the brain's function are affected.

Judi Libin's Story

Judi Libin: a mother whose son sustained a traumatic brain injury resulting from an assault. She talks about her son's injury and recovery and how the family supported him throughout the journey.

Acquired Brain Injury : Recovery Part 2

Traumatic Brain Injury recovery: Learn about recovery during the acute and rehabilitation stages of injury. Find out more about compensatory strategies as well as how families can support their loved ones during recovery.

Acquired Brain Injury Outcomes - Part 1

Brain Injury Outcomes part 1: learn about how factors such as age, severity of injury, pre-existing health conditions as well as having good social supports can impact outcomes.

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Traumatic Brain Injury - Part 1

ABI part 1: Learn about some of the causes of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and what may happen to the brain as a result of the TBI.

Geoff's Story

Geoff: a survivor of a traumatic brain injury talks about his injury, the importance of connecting with community resources and other survivors as well as some strategies that he has found useful.

What is a Stroke? How Does it Occur?

Strokes: Learn to distinguish between the different types of strokes including ischemic, hemorrhagic and lacunar. You can also learn about mini strokes or transient ischemic attacks (TIAs).

PCBIC - About the Conference

Kelly Sharp speaks about the 21st edition of the Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference in 2010.

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