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Videos About Recovery

Lions Gate Hospital's Intensive Rehab Outpatient Program - Brad's Story

Brad, a stroke survivor, shares his positive and moving experience working with the dedicated team of rehab therapists at Lions Gate Hospital's Intensive Rehab Outpatient Program.

Fraser Health's Concussion Clinic - Lisa's Story

Lisa speaks about the integral role Fraser Health's Concussion Clinic played in her recovery from a series of concussions.

GF Strong's Intensive Rehab Day Program - Jacques' Story

Jacques speaks about how the committed and caring approach of the rehab therapist team in G.F. Strong's Intensive Rehab Day Program helped him overcome the obstacles he faced after suffering a stroke.

Prince George Brain Injured Group - Les' Story

Les speaks about his deep appreciation for the community at the Prince George Brain Injured Group, having discovered the service more than 20 years post brain injury.

Northern Health's Stroke Workshops - Reg's Story

Reg speaks about how Northern Health's Stroke Workshops have empowered him and helped him to continue on his journey of recovery.

What is a brain injury?

This archival animated video describes the brain functions and how the brain is affected by a brain injury. It uses the analogy of a company system to describe how the brain's function are affected.

Gay Walker's story

Gay Walker, a stroke survivor, talks about her experience of having a stroke, loss of speech, and the services that have helped her recover.

Bill Clare's story

Bill Clare talks about his stroke and the stroke recovery branch that he attends. He explains how important both the staff and the peers that he sees regularly at the branch have been throughout his recovery.

Acquired Brain Injury : Recovery Part 1

Recovery stroke: Find out what may happen during the initial recovery stage. Learn about neural plasticity and the difference there may be in the speed of motor versus speech recovery

Acquired Brain Injury : Recovery Part 2

Traumatic Brain Injury recovery: Learn about recovery during the acute and rehabilitation stages of injury. Find out more about compensatory strategies as well as how families can support their loved ones during recovery.

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